Giving you the skills and confidence to
develop, plan, write, publish and market
your successful business book.

The program that has our clients achieving oustanding results.

The Write Strategy Program

The Write Strategy Program consists of 50 specificially designed documents covering 30 years of
Jaqui's experience in the industry.  

Factful, heaps of knowledge, loaded with great tips, workbooks, worksheets, templates, checklists, background information, all to assist you with the book writing process to bring your book to print.


TWS Workbooks x 8

The TWS Program gives you access to 8 indepth Workbooks that are a step by step guide to self publishing.  From Planning through to Leveraging and Repurposing, these workbooks will cover every aspect of writing your book.

TWS Worksheets x 12

There are 12 Worksheets throughout the TWS 8 step program.  The worksheets are designed in question format to draw your answers out and onto paper.  The process of completing all 12 worksheets will assist you in the book writing process.  From your Book Schedule through to your Book Endorsement Guide you will find the worksheets invaluable.

TWS Templates x 16

There are 16 Templates in the TWS Program. From your Standard Book Page Plan through to your Media Pitch, these templates will give you important background knowledge on writing, designing, printing and launching your book.

TWS Checklists x 8

The Check Lists throughout the TWS Program are there for you to cross reference as you write your book to make sure you have covered every aspect of your book writing journey.  From Promotional Items through to eBook Publishers and Platforms, the check lists are there to assist you through every step of the TWS Program.

TWS Background Information x 6

You will find these 6 Background Information documents full of Jaqui’s most recommended suggestions during the book writing/publishing process.  From Sample Introductions to Information For the Back of the Book, these documents will save you a lot of time and point you in the right direction regarding photography sites through to printing terminology.  

The Write Strategy 8 Step Program
also gives you access to:

8 x 1.5Hr Training Webinars

The TWS Training Webinars are conducted monthly and will be available to you as a member. For 1.5 hours you will join in with Jaqui and go through your course steps giving you indepth knowledge into the course, no matter what your level.

Email and Phone Support to all members

TWS Program will give you access to our support team either by email or phone to assist you with any of your questions throughout the course and to help you with any technical issues with the program.

Access to the LinkedIn Group

As a member of the TWS program you will have access to our private TBA LinkedIn Group where you can engage with other Members at their various levels through out the program.

The Write Strategy Program cost
$1,576.00 plus gst

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