The skills and confidence to develop, write and market your
successful business book.

1 Hour LIVE  Webinar

Jaqui Lane

The Write Strategy Program

Thursday 25 June 2020
11:30am (EST)

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On the 25 June I'm going to share with you the steps I've used to write 19 business books and help hundreds of business people and professionals write their books.

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How to PLAN, WRITE, PUBLISH and MARKET your successful business book.

As an attendee of this live webinar, we will share  the biggest discovery that we have made
that has our clients achieving outstanding results with their business books.

The TWS Program consists of 8 STEPS over 8 MONTHS
You will walk away with a renewed excitement and a clear path to start implementing a very clear plan on the process to build your book content.





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(On registration, you will be asked to fill in a short form.)

Special Webinar OFFER

As an attendee of this live webinar you'll have access to the WEBINAR ONLY SPECIAL OFFER
for the 8 STEP/8MONTH Write Strategy Program.

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All registrations will receive a FREE eBOOK
"How to improve your writing-10 Tips to help you write with clarity and impact"
*Limited Time Only Offer. 

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